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CALCut flow chartCALCut flow chart


Development of cutting front during its calculation with CALCutDevelopment of cutting front during its calculation with CALCut

         Computer Aided Laser Cutting


In the steady-state equilibrium, the cutting front arises in such a way that the locally absorbed power density corresponds to the local heat-flow requirement. Beside the power balance, mass and force balance have to be fulfilled simultaneously.

The parameterization of the cutting front is based on vertically stacked, semicircular cutting front segments of defined height being horizontally resolved by discrete facets. The shape and position of every single segment is parameterized by its height, curvature radius, melt film thickness, vertex and flank inclinations and its horizontal distance from the laser beam axis in cutting direction.

The above mentioned power, mass and force balances and a boundary layer approximation of the heat flow at the flank as well as two continuity conditions for vertex and flank provide the governing equations to be solved for the calculation of each segment.